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We are personally connected to people and events throughout life. How we feel about our relationships and life itself continues to change. Real Life Relationships seeks to provide educational instruction, relational support, and helpful insight about relationships, personal decisions, and how we help one another through love. 

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Why Real Life Relationships?

Real Life Relationships self-guided courses and book help individuals and couples to:  LEARN more more about themselves and relationships. CONNECT more deliberately by improving communication and relational skills.  LOVE intentionally through words and actions. 

RESOURCES FOR INDIVIDUALS OR COUPLES (Click on bolded words to be redirected) 

  • Purchase self-guided courses:

           Loving Yourself  

           Loving Others  

           Reconciling Through Love  


In addition to the course books, book, and resources listed above, other services, training, and support are available.  Contact Bretta to discuss your organizations personal needs and the following:

  • Use the book Love Forever as a training guide 

  • Invite Bretta to speak /teach/train within your organization or at an event

  • Bulk Discounts available for course books or the book 

  • Request Loved First (A Free self-guided faith based relationship course.)

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