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Loving Others for Life

A sustainable relationship between two people is maintained by choices that express care and commitment toward one another. A partnership represent s a series of choices and decisions based not only on the good for one but rather for the good of both collectively. We may want to be in a relationship with someone who “makes” us happy or fulfills our needs. Personal Relationships are sustained better as we do our part in growing our commitment to love one another better.

The care of a relationship is similar to the effort of self-care. We don’t continue to grow and develop as a person unless we continue to improve and change as necessary. Perfection is not attainable, we are imperfect people. Personal growth is something we can work toward. The way we love and care for others can also change as we further develop and grow personally.

No matter where we start and where we end love always abounds. We love some people for a lifetime and others for only short moments of time. Love impacts and navigates throughout our life long journey. Love given ‘til death do us part is the highest commitment of unconditional love we can willingly give to another.

Love by definition is a noun and a verb. Love is expressed through our words and actions. Sharing love (giving and receiving) changes lives because it never just impacts one person.

Our love remains faithful as we keep our relationships a priority.

  • Remember the beginning of a relationship, the effort made, the kindness shown, and the work put in to make the relationship successful.

  • Reconcile quickly. Forgive and give grace when possible, we all make mistakes. Compromise and change are sometimes necessary to better preserve and protect the relationship.

  • Repeat the things that have done to preserve and protect the relationship. Making new memories while cherishing past shared moments and events.

The self-guided course Loving Others challenges us as individuals and as couples to keep developing and growing in our relationships. We can’t change others, we can change things about ourselves. Changes we make can impact our relationships. Loving Others also challenges us as individuals and couples to work toward loving unconditionally not just for a moment but for a lifetime.

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