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Waymaker, seeing impossibility as possible

When things in life and relationships seem impossible, there may be unrealized possibilities yet to be discovered or understood. A waymaker by definition involves the keeping and maintaining of an "open" road.

When trying to see possibilities in the midst of impossible, we can attempt to look at things with an outside-the-box mindset. We can view relationships and life from a waymaker view point, keeping and maintaining an open pathway by seeing impossibilities as possible.

  • Setbacks could be viewed as an opportunity to comeback stronger than ever

  • Disappointments could be stepping stones toward appointments and priorities in the future

  • Failures could be turned into ministries, opportunities to support and empathize with others

As we move toward the next American holiday called Valentine’s Day the next few blogs will transition from moments of opportunities (waymakers) to actions that are waymakers of authentic love.

When relating the phrase "waymakers" to relationships and events in life, a waymaker could be viewed as an action or decision that helps people move toward something or see a possibility in a situation or relationship that once seemed impossible.

For example, love could be viewed as a waymaker as it is an action. I’m not talking about a feel good love based on temporary happiness. I am talking about authentic love, where actions speak louder than words. It’s easy to speak the words "I love you", showing love is the work that solidifies the actual commitment of love.

Faithfulness could also be seen as a waymaker that can help sustain relationships and us personally. Faithfulness is not perfectionism, as no one is perfect. Faithfulness shown through words and actions expresses intentionality of commitment and love.

Finally, we can also personally view ourselves as a waymaker by choosing to be a light (showing love by remaining faithful) in the midst of darkness (trials, failures, setbacks) in our relationships and throughout life. We can view ourselves as a waymaker, we can choose to be someone who looks for the “possible”. As a waymaker, we can value our relationships and life itself enough to not just give up when relationships and life become difficult. We don’t have to like situations and the way we are sometimes treated by other people.

We can choose to view a setback in life or relationships as an opportunity to comeback better than ever over time. We can also choose to respond in love and with faithfulness when someone else we care about is failing in the moment. Viewing our actions and reactions as waymakers allows us to see impossibility as possible as we hold steadfast to things and people that we know are good and worth our efforts.

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