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  • Bretta Durham

Building Up Communities and Others Through Compassion

There is a time to tear down and a time to build up....

When building and rebuilding relationships and communities through compassion it will sometimes be necessary for actions to lead, and feelings to follow.

We can decide how we feel about a person or situation first and then show compassion only if...but those types of decisions set up conditions that shut people out and further hinder our ability to show how much we care.

When attempting to show compassion our actions should first and foremost express we care. How we feel about a person or about how we are serving/caring for others can be sorted out later. We don’t always have to feel ok, sometimes ‘uncomfortable’ pushes us toward ‘better’ over time.

Brotherly kindness is a term we don’t really use anymore. Brotherly kindness means that we practice seeing, treating, and caring for others as if they are our family. Loyalty to wanting the best for others and within our communities is shown through the way we “do our best” in everything.

Tearing down others (not valuing integrity, not holding to honesty, not showing respect) and serving self only leaves seasons of time in our personal history that express we didn’t really care about anyone but ourselves.

Our hearts can become heavy and we can become self-protective after difficult time periods. What was yesterday’s normal is tomorrow’s awkward and even difficult sometimes. Relationship familiarity can also become unfamiliar and sometimes strained after separation and/or difficult time periods in life. Even “living life”, by its very nature, can be a struggle to some degree as we embrace change and continually face a new normal.

We sometimes will have to look toward and find good in life again with courage. Rebuilding relationships, friendships and family connections, make take a lifetime of effort but can also provide us with emotional, social, and sometimes physical support.

Friendliness is a basic example of what compassion through kindness looks like. It is also somewhat of a tangible example of how we can show we can care for and about one another on an emotional level.

We can build others up by giving hope through intentional encouragement. Practicing thankfulness, remembering the good in our lives, can also help us to spread positivity. Finally, we can show grace toward others because we understand healing takes time and compassion helps others to feel our love not just in a moment but over a lifetime.

Real Life Relationships matter....connecting on personal levels helps provide better support for everyone.

The course books and book offered through the web site can help us to learn how to communicate better and connect more personally. Visit our website today. On this site you will find more information about the book Love Forever and the self-guided course books Loving Others, Loving Yourself, and Reconciling Through Love


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