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  • Bretta Durham

Communicating Better

How we communicate affects our relationships both momentarily and long-term. Seeing through the “trees/entanglement” of miscommunication sometimes begins with looking back, on incidences in the past, while reaching, forward, toward new and better communication in the future.

Rejection is a strong form of communication. Rejection can be very hurtful. We can be hurt by someone else’s actions or words (written or spoken). Perceived rejection divides families and friends.

Feelings of rejection linger. Over time if rejection becomes a pattern of communication in relationships, a fear of rejection may dominate our personal expectations regarding how others will treat us.

When we have a fear of rejection, that fear may also affect how we give love and are able to feel loved by others (receive love).

Also, our own words, whether written or spoken, can impact communication and other people’s ability to see us as approachable. Choosing carefully how we speak to one another isn’t just about being politically or socially correct. Choosing words that encourage and are rooted in kindness heal. Words that criticize and are spoken/written out of harshness or anger damage.

Personal communication when discussing differences can be difficult. Structured conversations, although initially awkward, open new roadways toward better communication in the future.

Structured conversations help

  • keep emotions in check

  • allow us to think before we communicate (speak)

  • reveals insight into how we listen

  • show our ability or current inability to communicate

  • give ourselves and others time to process spoken words

In the course, Loving Others, Open Road Communication is a Speaking and Listening technique exercise that has helped many couples, families, and friends speak respectfully and communicate more efficiently.

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