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Bretta Durham has worked in the field of Relationship Education for more than a decade.  In addition to earning a BS in Education, she holds a  Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling, and is trained and certified in Relationship Education.

After becoming trained and certified by PREP INC, Bretta started Real Life Relationships LLC.  A Relationship Education company that provides relational support to individuals and couples.
Additionally Bretta worked  part time as a Relationship Educator and eventually as a Client and Community Education Coordinator for a pregnancy care center for 10 years.
Recently, in order to provide additional resources for individuals and organizations she then published a book as well as self-guided course books.  The non-profit relationship education company Real Life Relationships provides these published self-guided course books and the book allowing additional self-guided and assisted support options.

Bretta's self-guided courses; Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Reconciling Through Love and the book LOVE FOREVER are now available for purchase.

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