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Making Connections

Connecting with others helps create a sense of belonging. Some days our life can feel like we are browsing the internet. Connecting, disconnecting, and attempting to reconnect all day long. We may also feel the same way about people and relationships. We can meet lots of people but may only connect long-term with a few. The connections we do make help us to keep connecting and building relationships over time. Although the ways we connect have changed, the importance of intentionally connecting with others has not. Making connections is possible, we can: Be inclusive, not exclusive Develop short term/casual friendships Get involved personally Keep connecting long-term Be Inclusive. Every per


Have you ever heard the phrase “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold"? We don't always get the privilege of having a friend for a lifetime, but when we do they are golden. Remaining faithful to a relationship (keeping friends) can be difficult as life changes and so do we. FAITHFULNESS Requires dedication Builds trust Communicates commitment We meet people everyday. Faithfulness to any relationship we want to retain requires dedication. Reliability is shown through words we speak and actions we take as we prove to be “faithful” over time. Faithfulness builds trust and helps sustain relationship confidence. Faithfulness communicates commitment. Faithfulnes

Expressing brotherly love, builds intimacy

As stated in the first blog of this series, relationships begin with a connection between at least two people. That connection is just the beginning. A relationship needs to be nurtured. Relationship intimacy (closeness) is described by various titles, ranging from acquaintances to lifelong relationships. Each title expresses a feeling of connectedness. A relationship develops into a more personal connection (intimacy) when feelings of love are shared. The kind of love that builds intimacy among friends and family is called "Philia/Phileo" or brotherly love. Because we receive and give love in various ways, our actions may not always be received or understood as expressions of love. In som

Building Lifelong Relationships

How do you build a lifelong relationship? Building lifelong relationships begins with viewing love as a commitment. Love viewed as a commitment says, “I will walk beside you through all of life’s changes. I will be with you in good times and bad. I will choose to look for the best in you even when you sometimes fail.” Relationships grow as we further Commit to someone and the relationship itself. Commitment is a choice. When we fail to remain committed maintaining a relationship becomes difficult if not impossible. Relationships further develop as love for one another and a commitment to one another continues. Learning how to love others is a lifelong journey, as feelings change and so do l

How Relationships Build Community

Why read Real Life Relationships blogs? Relationships connect us to one another and can help us to establish the community we all crave. We were not created to live life alone. Relationships can be part of a foundation that can lead to a lifetime of support. A real life relationship can fulfill a need to belong that nothing else in life can. A real life relationship is a relationship that is not only engaged and maintained through social media, a real life relationship is one where at least two people are investing, growing, and living in a season of life together. Relationships are work, they are the blending of different people. No two people are alike, thus no relationship can be copied


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