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Repeating things in relationships gives us a sense of consistency and reliability. As we learn to trust someone we may also begin to rely on those people to help meet our personal needs. Repeated, positive interactions help us to develop and further establish feelings of fondness. People who bring "good" into our life help provide us with a sense of stability and a level of safety. Repeated positive interactions also help us to learn better how to "hold on to all that is good " in a relationship over time. As we purposefully maintain relationships through positive interactions we keep connecting better through relatability. Many relationship experts across various fields maintain that when

Reconnecting Through Reconciling

Reconciling is a process that helps move us toward a “new normal” over time. Choosing to live in the moment while letting go (moving forward) of the past is a process of reconciliation. Reconciling a relationship can involve coming to a new conclusion or developing a new mindset about a person or relationship idea. Everyone has relationship expectations. Those expectations are constantly changing as life changes and a relationship further develops. Compromise is necessary in all relationships at some point in time. Concepts of idealism versus reality also vary from person to person. A person high on the idealism scale may sometimes struggle to see the reality of a situation as much as an

Remembering Intentionally

Remembering what we did to first develop a relationship matters. As mentioned last week, we can connect with someone in a very short amount of time. Those initial connections further develop as both parties choose the relationship. Taking actions that express dedication further impacts a relationship. Intentionality expresses dedication to a relationship. Our dedication to advancing a relationship causes us to do and say things intentionally. When we are trying to establish or reestablish a relationship we can choose to do and say things that we believe will further build a connection. Because of our dedication (intentionality) to a relationship, we are more readily willing (especially at t

A "season" to Remember, Reconcile, and Repeat

In this season of giving, we have an opportunity to remember, reconcile, and repeat. In the course book Loving Others couples are challenged to do just that for a lifetime. Why? It’s one way we build, maintain, restore, and renew relationships time and again. Remembering entails realizing how we intentionally build relationships. Do you remember making first friends? Although I don’t remember exactly when or how I made friends in elementary through high school, those friendships and their history are something I remember. Maybe we remember more about earlier friendships because as children we more readily let go of the small things in life and kept trying to build a relationship, rathe


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