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Waymaker, seeing impossibility as possible

When things in life and relationships seem impossible, there may be unrealized possibilities yet to be discovered or understood. A waymaker by definition involves the keeping and maintaining of an "open" road. When trying to see possibilities in the midst of impossible, we can attempt to look at things with an outside-the-box mindset. We can view relationships and life from a waymaker view point, keeping and maintaining an open pathway by seeing impossibilities as possible. Setbacks could be viewed as an opportunity to comeback stronger than ever Disappointments could be stepping stones toward appointments and priorities in the future Failures could be turned into ministries, opportunities t

Growing Through Change

Change is not always easy. Change is necessary. Why? Circumstances change, people change, the world itself is always changing. Growing as an individual is part of change. We grow as we continue to Evaluate the past Examine the present Explore the future Evaluating the past does not mean living in the past. Evaluating is a process that allows us to think about; the decisions we made, the things we experienced (good and bad), and the way our individual choices have affected us personally and relationally. Wasting moments of opportunity by saying; "if only I had", "I could never", "Nothing changes" doesn’t help us move toward the future. Most of us have had moments of opportunity where we, “

Moving Mountains Together

There is a difference between speaking truth in love and speaking because we deem we are right or know what is best for someone else. We can learn from mistakes. We can also learn from one another. How and when involves understanding, engagement and discernment. Words spoken or help offered in a relationship without considering circumstances, personality, and timing can hurt a relationship. What can be easy for one person is difficult for another. Also we don’t live each other’s lives and we can’t change someone’s past history. By not always assuming or asserting ourselves instantly we may encourage others to want to, share life with us, and invite us to be involved in their challenges of

Moments of opportunity, looking for Personal Value

Catching the first glimpse of sunrise is a moment of opportunity valued by some people. Seeing someone for the wisdom they have gained, the experience they possess, and the service they provide helps us to understand “personal value” better. Valuing people as more than a monetary value, which is decided by a “cost of living” scale or the amount someone is willing to pay for services or information, helps us to see others as individuals who possess personal value. I shared last week that after spending a year thanking the people who cleaned the airport restrooms, I gained new insight into thankfulness. What I really gained in totality was an even better understanding of valuing the individu

Moments of Opportunity

Each day is a new tomorrow, an opportunity to decide how we can make the most of moments we have been given.The challenges of this world afford us the opportunity to make decisions that impact our future. Do we rise to the occasion? Can succeed even in the midst of challenges? One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know how strong you are until strength is all you have left.” Pushing forward sometimes is our only option as we struggle toward a new tomorrow. Worrying about the future doesn’t in and of itself solve the problems of tomorrow. Looking back doesn't change the past. Moving forward and seizing moments of opportunity can change the future. Living in the present means, in part,


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