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Turning Points in Relationships and Life

There can always be a “new” point of beginning where we can go a different direction in life and in relationships. Making the choice to do so is sometimes the most difficult part. It is not a weakness when we ask for help while struggling at different points and times with relationships and in life. It can actually be a sign of inner wisdom and strength when we acknowledge we need help. This type of help sometimes needs to come on a personal level. I’m not talking about reading another blog or book, I’m talking about seeking sage advice from trusted individuals or professionals in the field and areas where help is needed. People with whom we have established relationships with and who genuin

Love Moves First

A nation divided can’t stand strong any more than each of our individual relationships can when our differences become more important than our love of one another and our ability to respect each other. Divided people and nations struggle with mistrust and doubt. As mistrust further abounds doubt abounds more. It’s a vicious cycle that can destroy relationships and even nations from the inside out. There will always be differences of opinions. How we treat one another, respect differences, and love each other impacts our relationships with each other. What turns things around is when all parties involved decide it is time for change. In order for change to take hold and reconciliation to beco

A True Friend Loves at all Times...

A reflection is a captured image of what something is. The way we treat others and expect to be treated reflects our understanding of what it means to have and be a true friend. True friends know us, our weaknesses, and our strengths. These same friends work to build us up as well as show love toward us in ways that express they care. When emotional needs are recognized and supported we feel connected and understood. In other words, we feel happy in relationships as our individual emotional needs are met. True friends don’t always tell us what we want to hear or even agree with us just for the sake of our feelings. Being transparent and opening up personally can leave us vulnerable. Sharing


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