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Familiarity Supports

What feels like home to one person (the city, the country, the beach, the lake, the list goes on...) can feel completely isolating or overwhelming to someone else. Things that feel comfortable to one person may feel completely uncomfortable to another person. Our level of comfort in relationships and in life are, in part, affected by what is familiar to us. Relationships and positive life experiences can help provide us with expectations and ideas that affect our relationships with others as well as our feelings of belonging. We don’t always realize that part of our emotional support comes from predictability in relationships and in repeated community built connections. The places we most

Consistency Unifies

A sunrise and even a sunset signal a new beginning somewhere. Its the same with relationships each day brings an opportunity to develop, maintain or even reconcile our personal relationships. New relationships can be exciting. Different relationships can also be good or bad depending on the amount of support and commitment of the people involved in the relationship. Long-term relationships to things and people provide support and comforting feelings of familiarity. Reliability and consistency over time plays an even bigger role in our ability to maintain feeling good about something long term. Change in and of itself can create feelings of excitement about something new. Change can also evo

The Golden Rule remains...

Collectively treating others and wanting good for everyone is really “best” for all of us. Treat others as you would like others to treat you Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated What we wish for ourselves we should also wish for others. A Golden Rule maxim has been and can still help unite individuals, families, communities and nations. Attitudes and actions that demonstrate, Well I would if... I could but I’m waiting to...If they would, than I might...further creates distance and division. Bridging gaps in relationships requires someone to take a first step toward doing the right thing while anticipating a best outcome. If no one is willing to implement the Gol

Caring About...Matters

Pictures capture a moment in time but also eventually are something that represents the life of someone who has passed. Memories remind us of so much more. Finishing the first part of the title of this blog will be different for each person reading this. Caring about people and things matters because it impacts us and/or others personally and emotionally. Although corny, the saying "Every day is a gift that is why it is called the "present” conveys a good point. We can choose to make the most of every day in our relationships and in the way we personally live life. It is also a choice to look for the good in and value the relationships we have with others. A struggle with different (life


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