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A Grateful Heart

Thankfulness is tied to feelings of the heart. Being thankful is a feeling of appreciation toward something or someone. We can be thankful for the simplest to the most complex things of life. We can also be thankful for the people whom we share life with. I saw a phrase once that said thankfulness disrupts complaining. When we only see the negative in someone we can make a choice to look for the good that we can be thankful for. Staying thankful for someone in the midst of conflict is a decision that can be made in the moment and over time. We don’t have to like what someone does in a moment, we can keep looking for reasons to be thankful for someone over time. How we choose to respond t

Living at Peace

We are always connecting with people throughout life. Some connections are intentional while others coincidental or by chance. Viewing communication as a connection gives us a perspective that each “communication touch” can impact. What we say and how we treat others influences our ability to keep connecting. When exposed to difficult situations in life, where differences of opinions are apparent, we can choose to live at peace for as much within our power. These situations where communication can be difficult may be with strangers, acquaintances, friends, and sometimes even family. Family “reunions” whether it be holiday events or just family meals are a place where people will have and ex

Love Forever

How we personally connect with people not only impacts in a moment but may linger for years. Love is a living legacy. Love’s cost to us personally may be small or great. Love’s value, priceless. Love’s reach, immeasurable. Love’s impact, everlasting. All of which are exactly what makes love so special. How we connect with people can be more intentional and hopefully impactful as we work to share love and care about others better. We can choose to love others first, now, always, and forever. Loving others first means choosing to love people because that is the person we choose to be, someone who shows love. This can be really hard to put into action as it requires a lot of self-sacrifice

Loving Yourself Throughout Life

Loving yourself can be hard especially during trying times. Some of the hardest times in life to love ourselves is when the plans we are following in life are disrupted. Disruptive moments are unplanned events or circumstances we face throughout life. Disruptive moments can confuse, challenge, and even change us. It hard to reconcile or solve an unplanned problem or issue. It makes sense that there would be moments of confusion. It takes time to grieve something lost, recognize something previously unknown, and seek wisdom before taking on a challenge that is difficult to understand. It is usually during a challenge of life that we gain clearer prospective. Why? Because we become focused


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