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  • Bretta Durham


Lifestyle decisions are not just about finances. Personal decisions (regarding relationships and choices) continue to influence if not further define the picture of who we are personally.

Choices we make throughout our lifetime effect our ability to find joy and peace. We can choose to live simply or continue to live “complicated”. What I mean by that, from a relationship viewpoint, is sometimes we truly are the ones who bring drama/complications into our life, or we are the one who sets boundaries not only in our relationships but also for ourselves.

Stages of life are markers that show and tell “our story”. When we decide to look back (reflect), see the present (realize), and look toward the future (resolve) we can begin to see the view of our life from a wholeness perspective.

Our view of the past may show us us a history of regret….” If only I had followed by the realization of …what could have been reached sooner is now more difficult”. Regrets and disappointments are just a part of our journey, they are not the whole story.

Looking at current situations (choices and relationships) and circumstances (financially and socially) can be difficult. History cannot be changed; the present is just the beginning of what can and will be “the rest of our story”.

Recognizing, realizing, and resolving to face difficulties and make changes can more readily lead us to toward a future view of because I chose to….now I am able to….

Resolving not to waste any more time dwelling on the past or making excuses about the present can sometimes need to be a day to day commitment. It is only when we make different choices that we can expect and experience different outcomes.

Striving toward a life that is blessed with good relationships and happy memories sometimes takes commitment. Loving yourself enough to make personal choices that are truly beneficial in the long run are always worth the effort. The life we are given is precious and can only be lived abundantly as we seek to live it “better”.

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