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Loving Others for Life

A sustainable relationship between two people is maintained by choices that express care and commitment toward one another. A partnership represent s a series of choices and decisions based not only on the good for one but rather for the good of both collectively. We may want to be in a relationship with someone who “makes” us happy or fulfills our needs. Personal Relationships are sustained better as we do our part in growing our commitment to love one another better. The care of a relationship is similar to the effort of self-care. We don’t continue to grow and develop as a person unless we continue to improve and change as necessary. Perfection is not attainable, we are imperfect peop


We personally connect in life through events and relationships. Reconciling is about being brought back to a “right” place in life. A “right” place would be different for everyone. We need to be patient with ourselves and others as it takes time to work through difficulties, heal emotionally, grow individually, and determine what a “new” right place in life is. We all have “stuff” that happens. How we respond and continue to live is a choice that often requires us to make many decisions. There isn’t a switch in our brain that we can just turn on and off when facing difficulties. Nor is there one pill that fixes everything. A process of reconciling is an opportunity to look at where you w

Sharing life

We are personally connected to people and events throughout life. Sharing life together can sometimes involve something as simple as chasing waterfalls or seeing the beauty of nature in a flower. There is always another hidden treasure to be discovered and an experience that can be mutually shared. Who we share those moments with is just as important as the adventure itself. Together, my husband and I have shared life with friends and strangers for the past 30 years. Those experiences have both challenged and enriched our lives in ways we could have never imagined. Sharing life involves personal engagement: We care by being kind We impact by encouraging We invest by supporting We persever


Glaciers are layers upon layers of ice. The layers of ice are what form and sustain glaciers. Layers upon layers of moments, hours, days, and years of shared love sustains relationships. We have all heard love is a feeling. The statement over simplifies what love is and gives a false idea that if we don’t feel love “in the moment” we must not or do not love someone or something. Love is much more than just a feeling. Love is an action. The book Love Forever I recently wrote explores love through the concepts taught in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. The verses and the book show how love is relational. We love things and we love people. Our love may start with a feeling but it grows and changes a

Acceptance is a choice...

Relationship connections grow through acceptance. The picture in this blog is a representation of acceptance. Why? It is the picture of a blended family. By blood, and by marriage, we have become ONE. We are a melting pot family with lots of nationalities. We may have different genes, but the title we share “family” is stronger than our genetic differences. We have experienced births, deaths, and marriages that have “required” this family to change. Change takes time but acceptance really isn’t an option, if we truly want to build, maintain, and reconcile the relationships that make us a family. We are family. We are individuals with different personalities. If you were to sit in on a


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