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Building Intimate Relationships

Seeing things from a distance give us a prospective that can be further analyzed and studied over time. This part of a mountain range is named Bear's Tooth based on what someone saw from a distance. Relationships that we continue to develop are hopefully further established based on a prospective that allows us to understand the truth about the person and the relationship. Seeking true (intimate) friendships helps to build relationships that can last a lifetime. Casual relationships happen and are a basic level of friendship. In today’s language these might be considered social relationships. These are people we may hang out with but do not necessarily feel bonded to. Close friendships are b

Relationships are up to...

Each one of us chooses how we build up or tear down relationships, including our own. Every relationship will have its own Mountains (peaks) and valleys (lows) which will relate to future choices and experiences. Casual relationships can just happen and for the most part may diminish as fast as they form. True, authentic, loyal (real) relationships are built. Which is why a relationship is an investment. Real Relationships that we hope will last need to be reciprocal to be at their best. Where two people mutually choose to share life together. A commitment to a relationship grows toward 100% (fully committed) over time. Real relationships require a willingness to serve one another. That may

Peace with Others

Forgetting what currently “is” and straining toward peace in our relationships is a challenge we face many times in life. Those challenges may seem as if we need to move a mountain. It isn’t necessary to move a mountain. We can learn to look for new pathways to navigate the hills and the valleys of relationships as we get to a new place in life with others. We can have difference of opinions, personalities, and beliefs and still live in peace with others. When we have a “difference” due to personality we do not have to be at war with those people. We can have a personality conflict and not shut each other out or tear each other down. We can even still be friends and get along if we value th

Peace Within

Sometimes it can be hard to look past the storms of life but there is always hope for a new start just beyond the horizon of what we can currently see. Inner peace is something we may long for. Expecting peace in everyone moment of everyday is an unrealistic expectation. Anxiety can be defined in many ways and is expressed on many levels. Anxiety expressed through words could be described as feelings of inner turmoil. Life can be tumultuous for short periods and sometimes long term. Our lives are always changing, with those changes, fear of the unknown can sometimes be difficult if not paralyzing at times. Learning to look for and find inner peace even in unknown and difficult circumstances


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