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"Best" Investments Are Memories

The best investments we can make are ones that create good memories. We can choose to invest in our relationships and communities by; caring about each other, supporting one another, and making long-term life investments together. Long-term relationships are best, as over time we can have more opportunities to make many memories through shared life events. Memories can be made in good times and even in times that challenge us. Challenging times are difficult. “Dark times”, in life, are also sometimes blinding until we clearly see a new light of day. We can work to see, “turn on”, a new light of day by looking forward and holding on to faith, hope, and love. We can share things that encou

Encouragement in the midst of...

We could all fill in the blank of the title, each with our own story. Each of us have faced a time or circumstance in life when we have felt stressed, discouraged, or even alone. Some of the loneliest and hardest times in life are when we feel alone. Relationships replace loneliness with companionship. A relationship that provides companionship is one where someone stands with us during uncertainty and/or joins us to celebrate our victories, in a moment or over time. In reality, we don’t all need 1,000 plus likes on social media to truly feel valued (validated in life). What most of us need are a few people, maybe even just one person, that are a part of our life and that make us feel trea

Love 'Builds Up' Through Friendship

Have you ever had a friend that you know is a "better friend" than you. This type of friend is someone who seems to always be there no matter what. They are humble, they genuinely do not see themselves, what they have, or what they do as being better than anyone else . We can all be that type of friend, someone who shows love by intentionally building other's up through friendship. Healthy relationships are ones not based on singlemindedness. If two people are in a relationship, romantic or plutonic, that relationship is best when the people involved focus on us instead of me. We continue to build each other up in love as we Listen to and talk regularly Care about shared needs Challenge one

Keeping Connections in life a priority

In today’s society we can be “well” connected through electronic devices and technology. Relationships with people are even more important, than our connectedness with and to “things”. It is our relationships with others that help keep us feeling connected on a personal level. Our relationships to “things” can help us develop feelings of stability through familiarity because of good experiences. How do feelings of love and connectedness to things develop? Our “love of things” (activities, events, places, hobbies, sports, career etc.) further develop as we spend time on those things and have positive interactions. The fine line that we walk when loving “something” is realizing and remember


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