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As stated last week, the commitment we make to the people and relationships we are blessed to have in our lives is sustaining. Commitment requires dedication and an attitude of steadfastness. Staying committed in any relationship also requires compromise. Why? We can’t value someone and not value their difference of opinions, expectations, or preferences. When we care about someone, we care about what they think, say, and do. We can’t presume we are right all the time and still expect others to see us as approachable. We don’t get into a relationship with someone because we see them as perfect. We decide to further develop a relationship as we look for and see someone as good enough. T


Communicating with people in this day and age is easy, at least on a technological and electronic format. What appears to be more difficult is the ability to feel connected on a personal level. The longer I study relationships and people, the more I realize "the depth and value of a relationship is in part dependent on acceptance". We sometimes put more emphasis on who or what makes us happy, "in the moment” rather than realizing that it is long-term commitments and acceptance of people (relationships) and things that brings us the most joy, "sustained happiness", over time. Sure, new is always fun, it’s shiny, it’s exciting, it’s adventurous. New is not forever. Forever takes time but t


A promise can represent; giving our word, making a commitment, or taking an oath to follow through with something we intend to do in the future. A promise is a stronger commitment than just saying we will do something. Promises: Take commitment Requires follow through Cost us personally When we make a promise it takes commitment to do something eventually. A promise is not usually an in the moment response so it has to be remembered over time. Sometimes circumstances change, we may also forget, other times we just decide we no longer want to keep the promise we once made. Our intentions may be good but it is the actions we take to keep a promise that counts to the person we made the promise

Building and Maintaining Trust

Trust is vital to all sustainable relationships. We choose to trust others to further stabilize our relationship connections. If we don’t feel we can trust someone, we also won’t necessarily feel as if we are connected to them on a personal level. Most of the time trust is built and maintained: Through our words By our actions Over time Our words matter. What we speak can be the truth or it can be a lie. In order to build trust within a relationship, truth must be told consistently. Spoken truth is something we can face, deception (lack of truth) keeps us in the dark. Truth is something we can eventually reconcile as it continues to be reality. We may not always like “the truth”, but in r


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