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Never the same...

In our never ending rush back to normal, after a disruption in life, maybe we should consider which parts, of the beforehand normal, are worth rushing back to. When our “perfect” life has been disrupted we have an opportunity to look at what needs to change in order to make life better in the future. Also, when life changes or challenges us, the question we eventually begin to ask is, what’s the next step? When tackling a project we devise a plan, follow directions, and make adjustments and corrections as necessary. While developing our careers we may know our “job” but how many tasks do we have to take on, think through, and complete in order to do our job well. Relationships require us to

Changes in life...a new normal

Blooming trees and plants signal a restart, the dawning of a new season. What the rest of any year holds no one can completely predict as each of our lives and life itself continues to change. Each day will never be the same as no two days are ever exactly alike. What most of us wish is that life would be better, not worse. All of our pursuits and circumstances (relationships, career, financial security, health…etc.) throughout life are not guaranteed. Life sometimes changes in the blink of an eye. Each day is a restart. A restart, after a setback, can be viewed as a pause in life. Although things “seem important” for the day those same things may not be “the important” for a lifetime.

Transcending Relationships

Most of us have, or at least have had, one relationship in our life that meant or means something to us. The relationships that we have with family members, friends, or a significant other can be something in which we share a transcending kind of love. Transcending by general definition means to rise above or go beyond. Transcending relationships may go beyond the limits of other relationships to the point of even being self-sacrificing. In transcending relationships often times love is shared. Love in action can transcend beyond a moment and sometimes even a lifetime. This week I, as well as many others, are celebrating a relationship that transcends. This relationship has been affecti

Moving from Stressed to Steadfastness

Keeping the “next thing” a priority can be difficult when we are distracted and stressed. Crisis we face in life can also change our priorities, personal goals, tasks at hand, and even our prospective about life in general. Finding balance in relationships, work, personal needs, and responsibilities is something we should all strive to achieve throughout life. “Seasons in life” change just as life itself keeps changing. Some seasons in life are short, other seasons can seem as if they have no end. Each, season of life, impacts us as we grow personally, change individually, and reconcile intentionally. We can continue to work at regaining balance and remaining steadfast, while dealing with


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