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Different and Better, Together

A garden is a great example of different and better. Each garden is different and the way they grow and produce is also different. Nothing is perfect as there are many factors about a garden that come into play. A Gardner looks for ways to improve the garden so that it can be “better” in some way the following year. The same could be said for relationships with others. No relationship is perfect but each can be different and better as the parties involved stay committed, learning and investing more in each other and the relationship year after year. We learn to value people as we grow through personal relationship experiences. Relationship growth doesn’t develop best through casual expe

Better Tomorrow

There is a mountain in Maine where people gather to wait and see the first sunrise in the United States. It truly is an awe inspiring experience as you wait to catch the first glimpse of a new day. Living a full life partially involves learning and growing individually and together as a community. We are all different and have something to share with each other. The connections we make continue as relationships are further developed and maintained. There are lots of things that can hold us back in life. Some are self-inflicted, others come from circumstances and situations beyond our full control. Perspective is sometimes needed in order to understand others better. Pride, self-focus, and e

Compassion through grace and love

A rose has long been seen as a symbol of an expression of love. Actions that demonstrate grace and love can express (show) compassion. Doing our best regarding the treatment of others sometimes starts with head knowledge and continues with heart actions. We do not always understand everything and we may make mistakes. Once ignorance is no longer an option, (we have learned better) we are responsible for the good we know we should do. It is nearly impossible to live and love without being hurt. Why? We are imperfect people. Through forgiveness, grace, and love we can rebuild relationships. When it comes to having compassion, it doesn’t really matter which topic of “differences” are being di


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