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Finding Middle Ground With Time

It sometimes appears as if we live in a “gray” world, full of ideas of tolerance and acceptance. Yet it is (our individuality) the black and white of who we are (including our character) that speaks volumes through the way we communicate, act, and treat others on a personal level. No one can be right all of the time, no one is perfect. We cannot be right all the time and also be accepting of other people’s opinions and beliefs (differences). At some point in time, in all relationships, there will need to be a “middle ground”. When putting a difference of opinion into a middle ground category, we can listen and attempt to view individual differences from all aspects. The way we listen and r

Connected Through Levels of Love

When we think about love we often think about feelings. Love shows how much we value our relationships with others. We also honor others through our expressions of love. The word love is represented by multiple words in the Greek language. These three Greek words express levels of love as well as recognize that love is a commitment. Philia: love among friends, sometimes referred to as “brotherly” love Storge: relational love shared between family members, sometimes referred to as natural or instinctual love Agape: transcending love, including sacrificial acts of love for the good of others, sometimes referred to as the highest form of love These Greek words and concepts about love help (me)

Layers of Love...Authenticity

Authentic love can change people and relationships. Authenticity is in part; a willingness to acknowledge reality, a lack of fear of exposure, an ability to be open. Authentic love is expressed through words that speak truth and actions that are taken because someone cares. When someone is authentic you can peel back the layers of their life; see the love they have shown, and understand that the words they said and the actions they promised were true. Again, authenticity isn’t about perfection, it is about being genuine. As stated many times throughout these blogs, no one is perfect. To assume or expect someone to be is an unrealistic expectation. Is it always easy to be authentic? The a

Letting LOVE guide...

Letting love and faithfulness guide our relationships, through being patient and showing kindness, impacts not only us (individually) but also the relationships we have with others. We can’t live someone else’s life and we can’t always make things “better” for people who are struggling in life. What we can do is walk beside one another, throughout trials in life, showing patience and sharing acts of kindness to help make life better for all of us. We can also certainly make things more difficult, for others, by not being kind and patient, especially when someone is experiencing a difficulty in life. We can always choose to walk away, but why rush? Through patience, over time, individuals w


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