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Taking Charge of Your Life and Relationships

The twists, turns, and places we end up are impacted by the decisions we make and the relationships we develop. Sometimes it can be hard to see how relationships affect us personally. Choosing carefully who and what influences us throughout life is as important as decisions we make for ourselves. Self-responsibility is liberating. No one else is responsible for us collectively. Expecting others to make our lives better for us is an unrealistic expectation. No one else lives our life. Our happiness, physical and emotional health, and even our personal growth are for the most part individual responsibilities. It is also our responsibility to make the most of the opportunities we are given. Ant

Letting Go, Encouraging Better, Treasuring People

Denali's peak is so high it is a rare sighting. Most of the time it is covered by clouds. Exploring and looking for it from multiple angles (road trips) creates memories. Ever notice how remembering good things and sharing those memories further builds relationships? On the other hand, bringing up the past to remind, belittle, or to hold mistakes against someone can cause separation within relationships. We choose daily how we live and treat others, one encounter at a time. Building bridges in relationships can involve making personal choices. Letting go of negative encounters quickly, not responding to rudeness, and even setting an example of being kind, encouraging, and doing “good” during

Standing Strong Strengthens

Our pathways in life are not always paved and perfect. Sometimes we have to walk on unpaved paths and through “Jungles” in life to get to a new place we could have never imagined. Personal choices we make about our own willingness to share life with others affects our relationships. No one person is an island, our lives are intertwined. We should have expectations that people need help and that we should give help as we are able. I’m not saying we do things to get help what I am saying is relationships should be reciprocal in nature. We help others as we also know that someday we may need help ourselves. There will also be times in life when we will have opportunities to do things for othe


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