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How Relationships Build Community

Why read Real Life Relationships blogs? Relationships connect us to one another and can help us to establish the community we all crave. We were not created to live life alone. Relationships can be part of a foundation that can lead to a lifetime of support. A real life relationship can fulfill a need to belong that nothing else in life can.

A real life relationship is a relationship that is not only engaged and maintained through social media, a real life relationship is one where at least two people are investing, growing, and living in a season of life together.

Relationships are work, they are the blending of different people. No two people are alike, thus no relationship can be copied or recreated. In a lifelong relationship, love in action will be necessary. Each person shows love by serving one another and by sacrificing for one another. Love is not just a feeling, it is an action and a commitment.

There are many different levels of real life relationships, varying from casual acquaintances, all the way to life-long committed relationships. As a Professional Relationship Educator, I plan on sharing about life experiences and relationship topics that relate to how we grow as individuals and in all of our relationships, for a lifetime.

I have helped others my entire life. Why? Because I love people and I have a heart for ministering to those who have a need. My professional background is in education, counseling, and relationship education. I have been a Professional Relationship Educator for the past 8+ years. In that time I have worked with and talked to more than 500+ individuals or couples. Curriculum content and courses I have written and adapted have been used to help thousands of individuals or couples navigate life and learn more about relationships.

Life and relationships continue to change. You may be going through a transition in your life, establishing new relationships, or just wondering “what’s next and will I ever feel connected to others again?” As individuals and as couples we sometimes struggle with: building relationships, maintaining relationships, healing from the disappointments of failed relationships, and loving one another through all of life’s challenges. Keep reading and together we will embark on a journey that addresses the joys and challenges of life and real life relationships.

My hope is that this blog about personal growth, relationships, family, real life relationships, and love will encourage, challenge, and inspire those who read it. In this month’s series of posts, we will look at how we build and maintain real life relationships.

A relationship is not a sprint, it is a marathon that is run for a lifetime when neither person is willing to give up. I, along with my husband, am in the marathon race, “til death do us part”, as a couple, with our children, with family and with friends. Join me as we all run together.

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