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Expressing brotherly love, builds intimacy

As stated in the first blog of this series, relationships begin with a connection between at least two people. That connection is just the beginning. A relationship needs to be nurtured.

Relationship intimacy (closeness) is described by various titles, ranging from acquaintances to lifelong relationships. Each title expresses a feeling of connectedness. A relationship develops into a more personal connection (intimacy) when feelings of love are shared.

The kind of love that builds intimacy among friends and family is called "Philia/Phileo" or brotherly love. Because we receive and give love in various ways, our actions may not always be received or understood as expressions of love. In some cases, the words "I Love You" speak louder than our actions. If someone needs to hear those words, an action of love will not meet that specific need.

The words, "I love you", speak clearly. Sharing those words with friends and family matters. Those words remind us and the people that we say them to that we have a personal connection that reaches beyond a surface friendship.

Combining words and actions that represent love further strengthens brotherly love. The book LOVE FOREVER allows readers to explore ways we express love toward others, not just in a moment but throughout our lifetime. People whom we say we love need to experience our love through our words and our actions.

Expressing love is something we can freely give or ultimately withhold. Speaking the words "I love you" helps others feel more connected to us on a personal level. Relationships maintained with love mean more because the level of investment is more significant.

It’s never too late to start expressing brotherly love by stating these three little words, "I love you". Keep building more intimately connected relationships by expressing and connecting through words that show love.

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