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A promise can represent; giving our word, making a commitment, or taking an oath to follow through with something we intend to do in the future. A promise is a stronger commitment than just saying we will do something.


  • Take commitment

  • Requires follow through

  • Cost us personally

When we make a promise it takes commitment to do something eventually. A promise is not usually an in the moment response so it has to be remembered over time. Sometimes circumstances change, we may also forget, other times we just decide we no longer want to keep the promise we once made. Our intentions may be good but it is the actions we take to keep a promise that counts to the person we made the promise to.

A promise requires follow through, which includes making a plan. We have to take the steps and put forth the effort necessary to follow through with what we said could happen or be accomplished. Promises we make are tied to believability. People can only see us as someone who keeps promises as we consistently follow through.

Promises can be difficult to keep as they may cost us personally. The cost may involve time, money, attention, etc. A promise is made usually on a personal level because it is associated with an individual person or even a group of people. We can’t see the future so it is hard to anticipate keeping a promise which is why we should carefully consider promising something to someone else.

I have a collection of painted ponies. My husband gave me one that represents Alaska and the Northern Lights. He also made a promise he would take me to see the northern lights some day. Because of history I have faith he will keep his commitment, follow through with what he said even though it will cost a sacrifice (time and money).

Promises kept are about the integrity of a relationship and the person making the promise. Keeping promises further sustains the connection we have in a relationship, as it shows we are trustworthy. Why? It goes back to last week’s blog we can be seen as trustworthy (Promise keeper) if we keep our commitment to follow through on a promise even if it costs us personally.

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