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  • Bretta Durham


As stated last week, the commitment we make to the people and relationships we are blessed to have in our lives is sustaining. Commitment requires dedication and an attitude of steadfastness.

Staying committed in any relationship also requires compromise. Why? We can’t value someone and not value their difference of opinions, expectations, or preferences. When we care about someone, we care about what they think, say, and do.

We can’t presume we are right all the time and still expect others to see us as approachable. We don’t get into a relationship with someone because we see them as perfect. We decide to further develop a relationship as we look for and see someone as good enough. Time changes our views of how we see someone but it is a choice to continue to look for and see the good inside others.

Relationship discontentment can stem from unmet relationship expectations. These expectations may be preconceived ideas or prejudices. Just because someone doesn’t agree with us, share our current expectations, or fails to meet a specific expectations in a moment doesn’t mean their commitment to that relationship has changed. Dedication should not and does not change simply because we disagree or have a difference of opinion.

How we approach making decisions with others matters. If we propose an idea by asking questions and giving options without prejudice a mutual agreement may eventually be reached, as both parties feel heard and understood. On the other hand, if we approach an idea or decision with prejudices, and assume that others should just agree, we set the process of sharing ideas and making mutual decisions together up for failure. Why? If someone does not agree with the ideas and opinions presented their response may be seen as critical and/or unsupportive.

When we are committed to a relationship we will hold steadfastly. An attitude of steadfastness says things don’t change just because…each life story is different. Someone who chooses to hold steadfastly chooses to “hold on” in the midst of change, uncertainty and even disagreement. Our steadfastness and acceptance of people and their differences, which we will talk more about next week, can strengthen a relationship bond as we and others continue to grow and change.

Making relationships and people in your life a priority expresses dedication and steadfastness on a personal level that can be felt and understood.

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