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Sharing life

We are personally connected to people and events throughout life. Sharing life together can sometimes involve something as simple as chasing waterfalls or seeing the beauty of nature in a flower. There is always another hidden treasure to be discovered and an experience that can be mutually shared. Who we share those moments with is just as important as the adventure itself. Together, my husband and I have shared life with friends and strangers for the past 30 years. Those experiences have both challenged and enriched our lives in ways we could have never imagined.

Sharing life involves personal engagement:

  • We care by being kind

  • We impact by encouraging

  • We invest by supporting

  • We persevere by remaining connected

We can care through kindness. A simple of act of kindness can show others that we care. That same act can mean more than we ever imagined to someone who has a need. Shared moments that express kindness are like a "hug". The act itself may only last a few seconds, but the feelings expressed and felt may linger long after the embrace has ended. Repeated acts of kindness express a deeper level of care and concern.

We can impact through encouragement. We further express care and concern as we get to know someone and remember what is important to them. Remembering details and important facts about someone’s life helps others to realize that we “know” them. A kind word or gesture impacts. Encouraging someone in an area of life where they currently feel discouraged lets them know we support them on a personal level.

We can invest through support. Support isn’t always mutual. We all have “stuff” we go through. Together we can lighten each other’s load through support. Support in whatever form, allows others to feel we are invested in a relationship. Relationships maintained through mutual support further express relationship commitment.

We persevere together by remaining connected. The time we have to share life together can start with a moment but can also last for a lifetime. We can experience, support, and persevere throughout life on many levels and in many ways by choosing to share life together.

In the next three weeks I will be sharing more about Real Life Relationships and how we continue to connect and reconnect with people and life itself.

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