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We personally connect in life through events and relationships. Reconciling is about being brought back to a “right” place in life. A “right” place would be different for everyone. We need to be patient with ourselves and others as it takes time to work through difficulties, heal emotionally, grow individually, and determine what a “new” right place in life is. We all have “stuff” that happens. How we respond and continue to live is a choice that often requires us to make many decisions.

There isn’t a switch in our brain that we can just turn on and off when facing difficulties. Nor is there one pill that fixes everything. A process of reconciling is an opportunity to look at where you were, where you are, and where you hope to get to, at some point in the future. The time it takes to reconcile toward a “new” normal is different for everyone. Part of reconciling is loving yourself and those who love you enough to keep working toward a “new” normal over time.

Reconciling is not limited to but can entail:

  • Recalling safely

  • Realizing gently

  • Reconciling slowly

What we remember about tragedies, past difficulties, current life struggles, and unknown realities reagarding the future can sometimes be entangled with feelings of fear and/or distress. Recalling safely involves unwrapping emotions, unpacking past memories, and considering current situations over time using a structured process. Looking at life from a distance and through a process allows us an opportunity to see the present while acknowledging a past we cannot change.

How we approach dealing with difficulties in life needs to be considered. Diving in full force to attack a real or perceived problem, or remembering a traumatic event or time period is not always easy. Realizing gently is about giving ourselves the opportunity to think about and work toward experiencing post traumatic healing or growth.

Healing and personal growth take time. There is not one way that is right for everyone. Sometimes we can reconcile life by ourselves and other times it is with the help of others. It is ok to rely on others to walk beside us while we reconcile slowly toward a “new normal” in time. We shouldn’t feel bad about needing and asking help. It takes courage and resilience to move forward after a negative life experience.

We all have “stuff that happens in life”. We also have to make a decision to pick ourselves up after life has knocked us down. RECONCILING THROUGH LOVE is a self-guided course intended to help individuals work toward reconciling life to a “right place”. What that “right place” is would be determined by each individual.


Looking at past negative life events, while

Opening your heart, mind, and soul to healing in the present.

Valuing yourself, and the parts of your life still yet to be lived,

Enough to find Faith, Hope, and Love again in the future.

We keep connecting (reconnecting) as we reconcile events and relationships throughout life.

Order your copy of RECONCILING THROUGH LOVE through our website or directly from AMAZON,com It is on sale through the end of November for $10 plus shipping.

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