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Loving Yourself Throughout Life

Loving yourself can be hard especially during trying times. Some of the hardest times in life to love ourselves is when the plans we are following in life are disrupted. Disruptive moments are unplanned events or circumstances we face throughout life. Disruptive moments can confuse, challenge, and even change us.

It hard to reconcile or solve an unplanned problem or issue. It makes sense that there would be moments of confusion. It takes time to grieve something lost, recognize something previously unknown, and seek wisdom before taking on a challenge that is difficult to understand.

It is usually during a challenge of life that we gain clearer prospective. Why? Because we become focused. When life is just passing us by attention to detail is not necessarily a priority. When life stops for however long, or for whatever reason, it gives us the ability to pause and refocus.

Disruptive moments in life can forever change us especially when they are related to personal issues we can’t control. It is in, during, and after these same (disruptive) moments that we also have an opportunity to view things in a different way. We may learn to value things we once took for granted, appreciate people and things that really do mean something to us, and cherish not only the life we have been given but also the people who are a part of it.

How we respond personally toward “disruptive moments” matters. Part of reconciling disruptive moments includes evaluating ourselves and making decisions that we decide are best for us individually. The life we live and the decisions we make do affect not only us but the people who are a part of our life. "Loving Yourself " during difficult circumstances may mean allowing ourselves to seek help when necessary. Recognizing that is ok to admit that sometimes we may need help.

Life keeps changing and disruptive moments will always be a part of life. If you are experiencing a disruptive moment (change in life) and are looking toward a different future LOVING YOURSELF (available for purchase at a special price of $10 until 12/1, through or from is a self-guided course that can help individuals look at life from many angles. When we take time to give ourselves moments to think and evaluate personal options we may begin to make "best" decisions that help us have a future we envision over time.


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