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Living at Peace

We are always connecting with people throughout life. Some connections are intentional while others coincidental or by chance. Viewing communication as a connection gives us a perspective that each “communication touch” can impact. What we say and how we treat others influences our ability to keep connecting.

When exposed to difficult situations in life, where differences of opinions are apparent, we can choose to live at peace for as much within our power. These situations where communication can be difficult may be with strangers, acquaintances, friends, and sometimes even family. Family “reunions” whether it be holiday events or just family meals are a place where people will have and express differences of opinions. How we respond to those differences once again can express love or bring about further disharmony.

I have seen people with strong personalities be a gentle as a kitten and people with sweet personalities as mean as an ally cat when someone dares to disagree with them. Often times, our strong emotional reactions stem from hurt feelings or misunderstandings. We may not be able to control how we feel but we can control how we respond to and deal with a difference of opinion.

One way we live at peace with others is by being respectful when responding to others. Remaining respectful, while responding to and dealing with differences, starts with listening, continues with asking questions, and can end with not needing to always prove others wrong.

Life is way too short to live in negativity. Looking for the ways we disagree and pointing out those difference to others brings separation within relationships. No two people think exactly the same. We can allow others to have opinions, express differences, and disagree with us.

This holiday season, as much as is possible, and as far as it depends on us, we can choose to live at peace with everyone. We can spread more joy as we look for the good in others. We can support one another and care about one another. Choosing to live a peace is another way we show love..

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