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Remembering Intentionally

Remembering what we did to first develop a relationship matters. As mentioned last week, we can connect with someone in a very short amount of time. Those initial connections further develop as both parties choose the relationship. Taking actions that express dedication further impacts a relationship.

Intentionality expresses dedication to a relationship. Our dedication to advancing a relationship causes us to do and say things intentionally. When we are trying to establish or reestablish a relationship we can choose to do and say things that we believe will further build a connection. Because of our dedication (intentionality) to a relationship, we are more readily willing (especially at the beginning of a relationship) to invest or make personal sacrifices (time, money, commitment) in order to get to know someone better.

Commitment to any relationship requires an investment. As we get to know someone, trust can be further established. As we feel we can trust someone our ability to rely on them on a personal level helps us to feel more deeply connected. As a personal connection continues, a level (investment) of commitment to a relationship may develop, When this happens our social, emotional and physical commitment to a relationship can be further established.

Love is an expressed feeling of commitment. Love is something that can be given or withheld. Feelings of love come and go. Actions of love, speak louder and when given, help form levels of sustainability in a relationship. Actions of love create foundations on which a relationship can be maintained. Love is not just a part of romantic relationships but rather it is also a part of treasured relationships (family or friends).

In essence we can date the people we are in a relationship with for a lifetime. Not in a romantic sense but rather as a dedicated expression that shows our commitment and understanding of the value of that relationship. Enjoying life together, and sharing life with others helps us to feel connected on a personal level.

When life happens (negative, busy, stressful times in a relationship), it is the actions and words that meant something expressed again that help remind us that we can rely on and reconnect time and again. Remembering all that is shared within a relationships helps us to feel more intimately connected long-term. Those intimate feelings help to give us a sense of belonging within our personal community.

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