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Repeating things in relationships gives us a sense of consistency and reliability. As we learn to trust someone we may also begin to rely on those people to help meet our personal needs. Repeated, positive interactions help us to develop and further establish feelings of fondness. People who bring "good" into our life help provide us with a sense of stability and a level of safety. Repeated positive interactions also help us to learn better how to "hold on to all that is good " in a relationship over time. As we purposefully maintain relationships through positive interactions we keep connecting better through relatability.

Many relationship experts across various fields maintain that when communication stops within a relationship the relationship itself is in greater danger of ending. The same can be said with connecting with people on a personal level. When we stop repeating the things that connected us (getting together, commuinicating, sharing life) we also run a greater risk of not keeping our relationships and friendships a priority.

In part, we relate to one another through the words we speak and the actions we take. Repeating negative behaviors can lead to "lost hope", the idea that nothing ever changes. Recognizing harmful words and actions and removing what is harmful to a relationship can, in part and in time, help re-establish positive feelings in a relationship as words and actions change.

Repeating words and actions that speak love and commitment helps remind, restore, and reconnect relationships on a personal level.

Repeated positive words and interactions:

  • Remind us of moments and experiences where love was shared

  • Restore us emotionally by renewing feelings of commitment and relatibilty

  • Reconnect us to one another and life on a personal level

"Repeating the good that we know to be true" can help renew, restore, and maintain relationships long-term. Promises that eventually come true help us to view the words and/or actions someone speaks as trustworthy.

We can choose to make people and relationships (friendships and personal relationships) a priority. As stated in the remembering blog, we have an opportunity to “date” others for a lifetime. Purposeful and considerate interactions (moments, hours, days, and even years) send a message that a relationship is a priority and that the individual person is someone valued.

In all relationships "repeating good" translates to intentionally caring for and supporting one another in ways that continue to build, maintain, and restore relationships as necessary.

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