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Moments of Opportunity

Each day is a new tomorrow, an opportunity to decide how we can make the most of moments we have been given.The challenges of this world afford us the opportunity to make decisions that impact our future. Do we rise to the occasion? Can succeed even in the midst of challenges?

One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know how strong you are until strength is all you have left.” Pushing forward sometimes is our only option as we struggle toward a new tomorrow.

Worrying about the future doesn’t in and of itself solve the problems of tomorrow. Looking back doesn't change the past. Moving forward and seizing moments of opportunity can change the future. Living in the present means, in part, being present and participating in the life and opportunities we have been given today. Living in the present is not only about our life individually, it is also about participating and being a part of the lives of the people with whom we have relationships.

During this time of year, I don’t personally decide New Year’s resolutions just for myself. Instead, I make commitments to grow as a person in my character. How that is accomplished becomes my challenge. For example a few years ago I was working on being more thankful. I decided that every time I saw someone cleaning an airport bathroom I would say thank you as I walked away. That one decision has changed how I see other people’s acts of service and has impacted my view point of thankfulness.

We can live more successfully by recognizing moments of opportunity. Today is what matters, tomorrow will come soon enough. Making the most of all opportunities by sharing in life with others, and walking with one another while we can matters. The moments we are given are an opportunity. The relationships we have can be a priority. Living life rooted in the actions and the belief of faith, hope, and love can help us live life more abundantly.

We don’t just make an impact in life through what we do, we make the most impact in life through the lives we touch and the moments we share together.

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