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Moving Mountains Together

There is a difference between speaking truth in love and speaking because we deem we are right or know what is best for someone else. We can learn from mistakes. We can also learn from one another. How and when involves understanding, engagement and discernment.

Words spoken or help offered in a relationship without considering circumstances, personality, and timing can hurt a relationship. What can be easy for one person is difficult for another. Also we don’t live each other’s lives and we can’t change someone’s past history.

By not always assuming or asserting ourselves instantly we may encourage others to want to, share life with us, and invite us to be involved in their challenges of life.

Just because we have a strength (ability or foreknowledge) that can address a task, help solve a problem, or deal with an issue doesn’t mean we are always the right person to solve a problem or share an opinion in a specific moment. Also, assuming we know everything, asserting an uninvited opinion often, or refusing to accept advice or help can hinder the amount of help offered or received from people who we have a relationship with.

Engagement also plays a significant role in our involvement in each other’s life. It is hard to continue to build community and solve the problems of life together if we are not inter-personally connected. Showing up in a moment is not the same as staying the course and being involved over time. Making a commitment to be a part of other's lives may only take a moment but requires extended engagement.

Meekness can be mistakenly viewed as weakness. In reality meekness can be "strength under control". In areas of life where one person is weak, another person may be strong. We can help strengthen one another by moving the mountains of life together. Giving, sharing, accepting, and reciprocating help and advice is part of the circle of a shared relationship.

Using discernment when offering advice or help builds stronger relationships over time. Equally accepting help that is offered in good faith continues to build relationships better over the long-term. Moments of opportunities... we can help one another and impact each other’s lives daily and long-term as we choose to invest and engage in life together.

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