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Growing Through Change

Change is not always easy. Change is necessary. Why? Circumstances change, people change, the world itself is always changing. Growing as an individual is part of change.

We grow as we continue to

  • Evaluate the past

  • Examine the present

  • Explore the future

Evaluating the past does not mean living in the past. Evaluating is a process that allows us to think about; the decisions we made, the things we experienced (good and bad), and the way our individual choices have affected us personally and relationally.

Wasting moments of opportunity by saying; "if only I had", "I could never", "Nothing changes" doesn’t help us move toward the future. Most of us have had moments of opportunity where we, “wished we would have”. The question for today is, “Why haven’t we?” We can’t change the past but the future is wide open.

Examining the present entails being real about who we are and what our life looks like today. The only person we can change is our self. The only person who can decide and follow through with change is us. Growing as an individual takes time; we learn from past mistakes, we become aware of how things could be done differently or better, and we can choose to consistently follow through with decisions that affect not only our life but the people with whom we have relationships.

Every day holds a moment of opportunity to understand the phrase, "we don’t have to, but we could". This statement expresses a willingness and openness to make a change as necessary. When we apply this phrase to how we speak, act, and relate to others (the world around us) it helps us to be more intentional about living and adapting as necessary in the present.

Exploring the future involves contemplating decisions that allow us to grow as an individual. With each decision made there will be steps and a process in order to be able for change to take place and have an impact. Just as change doesn’t always happen overnight, personal growth takes time. The impact of the changes we make may not initially be known or recognized. Over time, as we faithfully follow through with change, we ourselves as well as others may see change and impact (personally and relationally). .

Each new day also brings a new opportunity for us; to be the person willing to make changes, to follow through with decisions that are “best"for the future, to recognize imperfections and mistakes, to correct and to reconcile life and relationships, to do things in life better both personally and relationally, and to grow as an individual making the most of the opportunities given. Moments of opportunity…growing through change, impacting our own life as well as the lives of the people around us for the better.

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