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Letting LOVE guide...

Letting love and faithfulness guide our relationships, through being patient and showing kindness, impacts not only us (individually) but also the relationships we have with others.

We can’t live someone else’s life and we can’t always make things “better” for people who are struggling in life. What we can do is walk beside one another, throughout trials in life, showing patience and sharing acts of kindness to help make life better for all of us.

We can also certainly make things more difficult, for others, by not being kind and patient, especially when someone is experiencing a difficulty in life. We can always choose to walk away, but why rush? Through patience, over time, individuals whom we have a relationship with may reveal things that they previously have not be able express as they struggled themselves to understand a moment of failure and disappointment.

Love is patient, it gives someone an opportunity to change. Patience shows support and gives time, it also allows everyone involved to see a situation from a new or different perspective. We do not and cannot always know what someone else is going through. But if we are patient enough and remain faithful, to the relationship, we might get to a “new place” in those relationships over time.

Love is kind, when we are kind to others we can also have and show empathy. An act of kindness is often a selfless act done not because we have to but rather because we want to. Have you heard the saying, “people don’t care what we know until they know how much we care”? Showing empathy towards others expresses love. Sometimes caring, just a little, helps a lot.

Faithfulness, patience, and kindness are all actions that can help express authentic love.

Words and actions that represent authentic love may also help us to see a way that we can confine hate. Hate and love can’t coexist in relationships long-term but as the saying goes sometimes there is a fine line between them. In actuality, one (love) brings about reconciliation and the other (hate) causes further separation and isolation.

Choices we make, actions we take, patience we give, and kindness shown demonstrate our love to others.


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