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Layers of Love...Authenticity

Authentic love can change people and relationships. Authenticity is in part; a willingness to acknowledge reality, a lack of fear of exposure, an ability to be open. Authentic love is expressed through words that speak truth and actions that are taken because someone cares.

When someone is authentic you can peel back the layers of their life; see the love they have shown, and understand that the words they said and the actions they promised were true. Again, authenticity isn’t about perfection, it is about being genuine.

As stated many times throughout these blogs, no one is perfect. To assume or expect someone to be is an unrealistic expectation. Is it always easy to be authentic? The answer is no, in fact sometimes children are more authentic than adults. Why? They haven’t developed habits that hide truth and they also haven’t yet learned to mask feelings out of fear of vulnerability.

At different times in our life we have intentionally shown and shared love with others. The consistency of our words and actions are what lead people to believe in our authenticity. Authenticity involves being vulnerable. Vulnerability involves security and humility. Admitting our imperfections and making up for mistakes we have made is what makes us and our love even more believable.

Layers of love begin and continue to build as we choose to love others throughout our lifetime, From this day forward we can choose to Love first, now, always, and forever.

  • Love first because you choose to

  • Love now in the moment because everyone needs love

  • Love always by persevering with words and actions of love

  • Love forever, as shared love that is felt even for just a moment may sometimes linger beyond a lifetime.

A legacy we can all leave behind is the love we share with others.

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