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"Best" Investments Are Memories

The best investments we can make are ones that create good memories. We can choose to invest in our relationships and communities by; caring about each other, supporting one another, and making long-term life investments together. Long-term relationships are best, as over time we can have more opportunities to make many memories through shared life events. Memories can be made in good times and even in times that challenge us.

Challenging times are difficult. “Dark times”, in life, are also sometimes blinding until we clearly see a new light of day. We can work to see, “turn on”, a new light of day by looking forward and holding on to faith, hope, and love. We can share things that encourage, teach, and inspire both us and others toward a future beyond today.

What appeared to be yesterday’s urgent can be reprioritized. What is viewed as important should include relationship priorities. Relationships will always be a better personal investment because they help to sustain us, individually and also as a community.

Wasted moments of time are not and cannot be banked (put off) in hopes of a better time in the future. Another day and time is not guaranteed, today is the important investment opportunity. Making the most of opportunities, helps create good memories.

Making time for each other and sharing life together keeps us more personally connected. Now is always a perfect time to start making our relationships and time together a top priority. Thinking about life from a “The Best investments we can make in life are good memories” perspective helps us to refocus not only life for us individually but also as families and communities.

Good memories are made individually, best memories made are together (with others).

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Making the investment to love yourself and others is another way we work to make new memories over a life time.

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