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Moving from Stressed to Steadfastness

Keeping the “next thing” a priority can be difficult when we are distracted and stressed. Crisis we face in life can also change our priorities, personal goals, tasks at hand, and even our prospective about life in general. Finding balance in relationships, work, personal needs, and responsibilities is something we should all strive to achieve throughout life.

“Seasons in life” change just as life itself keeps changing. Some seasons in life are short, other seasons can seem as if they have no end. Each, season of life, impacts us as we grow personally, change individually, and reconcile intentionally.

We can continue to work at regaining balance and remaining steadfast, while dealing with times of imbalance and stress, by having a mindset to keep the next thing next. Fear is a feeling, stress is an emotional response. Steadfastness, in part, is a belief and a choice to keep moving toward a better tomorrow by keeping the next thing next.

When our lives feel unbalanced and our stress levels are high we need to keep prioritizing relationships. Relationships with others can help provide us with both physical and emotional support. A spiritual relationship can also provide us with a whole different level of support. Relationships are important, not for a day, but throughout life.

Intentionally working our way back to closeness, in all of our relationships, is also part of keeping the next thing next (remaining steadfast). A change in heart (making our personal and spiritual relationships a top priority) is possible as we take the next step toward connecting and reconnecting as necessary.

We continue to reconcile our relationships, with others, God, and even life itself, as we steadfastly move toward the next best thing for each of us. What the next thing is will be different for everyone. Each of our challenges (in life and relationships) are stepping stones. Our first step starts with a decision. The new pathways we follow continue as we look toward life and relationships from a new perspective.

Having a mindset of steadfastness (keeping the next thing next) helps us to recognize the importance of relationships and life itself even in the midst of stress and imbalance. Today is a gift. A steadfast mindset, to keep relationships and our personal next steps as our priority, helps us to find and keep better balance daily.

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