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Transcending Relationships

Most of us have, or at least have had, one relationship in our life that meant or means something to us. The relationships that we have with family members, friends, or a significant other can be something in which we share a transcending kind of love.

Transcending by general definition means to rise above or go beyond. Transcending relationships may go beyond the limits of other relationships to the point of even being self-sacrificing. In transcending relationships often times love is shared. Love in action can transcend beyond a moment and sometimes even a lifetime.

This week I, as well as many others, are celebrating a relationship that transcends. This relationship has been affecting millions of people for thousands of years. Easter is the celebration of a self-sacrificing relationship that transcends. Jesus Christ began the relationship, when he willingly gave his life for us, so that we might be forgiven and live life eternally.

A spiritual relationship with Jesus is a gift. This gift provides everlasting support. For us as humans it begins through faith, it transcends through love.

Each person’s spiritual journey is an individual experience. In Romans 10:17 we are told that faith comes from hearing the good news about the message of Jesus Christ. It is a choices to believe in Jesus Christ, his birth, death, and resurrection. Jesus Christ’s love is never-ending. His relationship with us transcends and is available to all of us even now. (John 3:16)

Our relationships with others can be transcending as we continually choose to go beyond normal expectations to love and care about others, not just in a moment but for a lifetime. Transcending relationships have meaning and provide support that lingers. This Easter we can unite in love, sharing love through our words and actions, each in our own way.

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