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Changes in life...a new normal

Blooming trees and plants signal a restart, the dawning of a new season. What the rest of any year holds no one can completely predict as each of our lives and life itself continues to change.

Each day will never be the same as no two days are ever exactly alike. What most of us wish is that life would be better, not worse.

All of our pursuits and circumstances (relationships, career, financial security, health…etc.) throughout life are not guaranteed. Life sometimes changes in the blink of an eye. Each day is a restart.

A restart, after a setback, can be viewed as a pause in life. Although things “seem important” for the day those same things may not be “the important” for a lifetime.

Restoration to a new normal comes over time, for each of us individually and all of us collectively, as we keep experiencing life “restarts” together. Throughout difficulties in life, fears are eventually silenced and hope is restored as circumstances continue to change. How long it takes and to what degree depends on each difficulty.

Our feelings about change can leave us with varying levels of concern. Worry, in and of itself, cannot change the future. Change can be difficult and reconciling change on a personal level takes time.

Living life to the fullest with whatever, resources and opportunities, we have is part of choosing to live abundantly in-spite of current circumstances. Sharing life’s difficulties “together” can sometimes strengthen our relationships, redefine what really is important (different for everyone), and remind us of our blessings.

If you are personally struggling right now visit our website Descriptions of each course book are on the website, our self-guided course books (Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Reconciling Through Love) and the book Love Forever are available for purchase.

All self-guided course books and the book on the website links are currently being offered through at a significant discount. As we truly are in this time of life together, figuring out what the new normal will be, one day at a time.

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