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Never the same...

In our never ending rush back to normal, after a disruption in life, maybe we should consider which parts, of the beforehand normal, are worth rushing back to. When our “perfect” life has been disrupted we have an opportunity to look at what needs to change in order to make life better in the future. Also, when life changes or challenges us, the question we eventually begin to ask is, what’s the next step?

When tackling a project we devise a plan, follow directions, and make adjustments and corrections as necessary. While developing our careers we may know our “job” but how many tasks do we have to take on, think through, and complete in order to do our job well.

Relationships require us to develop, maintain, and rebuild them as necessary. In some relationships; we may experience failure, we can learn from mistakes. We can also work toward loving people and caring for ourselves and others better. Personally, we have an opportunity to put off our old selves (change) and renew our lives (restart) by thinking and living life in a new and different way.

No one day or year is ever exactly the same. There is nothing we can do perfectly that can guarantee lifelong relationships or an uninterrupted life. There is no way to predict the future. We can continue to work toward “better” especially when relationships, and the life we had planned, are not working out the way we thought they would.

How we continue to deal with personal challenges and setbacks further influences how we will succeed. As life changes we need others to share in those changes with us. Asking questions, being open to others opinions, recognizing that experience is important, considering choices, and accepting responsibility for previous and current decisions are all a part of the process of doing our best with the life we are given.

A “never the same…striving toward better” mentality changes us from the inside out with each, what’s the next step, decision we make.

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