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Truth and Love

There is no denying that mountains exist. It is possible to see, touch, and explore a mountain. We can even test the composition and structure of a mountain to make sure it meets the requirements of what a mountain is said to be.

We can also test truth and love in the same way to some exent. How do we know if something is an absolute truth? It stands the test of time and can be repeatedly tested and proven to be true. Proving and testing the concept of love is a little more complex, as it is an intangible concept. Although, there are actions and even words that speak to what love is.

Relative truth can change. Our truth about relationships can change; as commitments can change, feelings can change, and actions may also change (good or bad).

Examining truth on a daily basis may began with our own personal thoughts. It is difficult to live in both fear and faith at the same time as both compete to be at the forefront of our thought processes. Truth can calm our fears and bring us back to faith over time.

Every day we have an opportunity to fix our eyes on and think about things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, or are excellent and worthy of praise and recognition. Looking for and thinking on these things (good in life), helps us to refocus while dealing with craziness and difficulties in life. Thinking on these things also may help us to remain faithful especially to our commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves.

The value of our relationships continues to increase as the truth about those relationships stands the test of time and our commitment to love others remains. Long-term relationships are built and sustained through a commitment to love one another. Words and actions of love, build, sustain, and rebuild relationships.

We may not always like certain situations in life and current circumstances in our relationships. When we encounter difficulties we can, once again, look for truth. Truth sets us free…to live…and to love.

Throughout history (yesterday) people have done things out of love. Today, people show love in more ways than can ever be recognized, written about, or fully known. Tomorrow, love will remain in one way or another. Love stands the test of time, love is true.

Having faith and finding hope in all situations can also eventually bring us back to a new truth of what our life is and can be. Throughout life there are also three things that remain; (have stood the test of time) faith, hope and love, with the greatest being love. Each of the three; faith, hope, and love sustain us and are rooted in the truth of being good for all of us.

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