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Loving Yourself Again...

Most of us for some reason or another have had times in our lives where we feel alone or isolated. There are time periods in life where we have limited opportunities to spend time with people, have little to no relationship connections, and do not feel as if we are a part of a community or sometimes even a family.

These time periods, of aloneness and isolation, are beyond normal expectations and can affect us in multiple ways and on multiple levels. During these times it will be hard for us to feel connected, cared about/for, or even loved. We can even sometimes be in or have relationships with others and still feel lonely and disconnected.

It can also be difficult to sit alone with ourselves, as being alone (separated from others) gives us time to think and reflect. We may not like what we see, making changes and seeing a different future isn’t always easy either. Circumstances of life, as well relationships, and even our own choices can complicate our personal happiness.

We do not always love who we are or even the decisions we thought would be “best” choices for our future. The times in our lives that can be the most difficult are usually tied to imbalances in both our personal and professional lives. We may also have feelings of uncertainty about how our current choices may affect our future plans for long periods of time.

We all have a need, on some level and in some way, to want to know and feel that people see, care, and accept us. We want to “fit” in.

Learning to love ourselves at all times (good and bad) continually affects our future. When we give ourselves grace, forgive our own failures, and love our weaknesses, we can also begin to see a new pathway that might have seemed impossible to envision before.

What I love about Relationship Education, have enjoyed watching through other people’s life experiences as I work with them or they tell me after going through the process themselves, is how it helps. Through the educational process people learn how to put life back together and become whole by first loving themselves enough to put in the work to make changes.

When we take time to understand; our own stress, look at how tough decisions lead us toward the next step, evaluate our personal and relational needs, look at who we have been, are now, and want to be in the future our perceptions, about our own life, can’t help but change. We are all different, deciding different is ok, is a choice we each have to make.

If you need an opportunity to examine who you are today, look at the life course you are currently on, or even reconcile life through a self-guided process our course books may be for you Loving Yourself and Reconciling Through Love are written as self-guided courses but can also be used in conjunction with lay therapy or professional counseling.

Visit to learn more and to purchase the course books that are being offered through

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