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Better Tomorrow

There is a mountain in Maine where people gather to wait and see the first sunrise in the United States. It truly is an awe inspiring experience as you wait to catch the first glimpse of a new day.

Living a full life partially involves learning and growing individually and together as a community. We are all different and have something to share with each other. The connections we make continue as relationships are further developed and maintained.

There are lots of things that can hold us back in life. Some are self-inflicted, others come from circumstances and situations beyond our full control. Perspective is sometimes needed in order to understand others better.

Pride, self-focus, and even ignorance can create emotional bondage. Emotional bondage separates.

We don't and can't live each other's lives. We can have compassion and be considerate. Words matter, as do actions. As much as it is within our power we can also choose to live at peace with one another.

We can't listen and learn how to love others best if we socially isolate ourselves from people who think differently.

Listening and acknowledging individual differences does not always mean agreement. Acknowledgment can go a long way toward establishing a new common ground.

Loving others can sometimes be difficult. The effort we make and the chances we take can make a difference. Loving others fully sometimes begins as we listen. We further love better as we acknowledge someone else's thoughts, opinions and struggles.

Forgiveness is a pathway to a better tomorrow. Forgiveness doesn't justify, excuse, or make up for the pain experienced. On the other hand, unforgiveness can rob personal joy. Forgiveness is for "us" first. Undeserved hurts (incidences and mistakes) can further heal as we confess our hurts (pain) and as we give and receive forgiveness for a past we can't change. Change doesn't happen over night and healing does take time.

Searching our heart and being open to change and personal growth also connects and reconnects us on a more personal level. Over time we can value one another individually and collectively better as a community, nation, and world.

Love for one another can grow as we all work toward a better tomorrow.

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