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The Golden Rule remains...

Collectively treating others and wanting good for everyone is really “best” for all of us.

  • Treat others as you would like others to treat you

  • Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated

  • What we wish for ourselves we should also wish for others.

A Golden Rule maxim has been and can still help unite individuals, families, communities and nations.

Attitudes and actions that demonstrate, Well I would if... I could but I’m waiting to...If they would, than I might...further creates distance and division. Bridging gaps in relationships requires someone to take a first step toward doing the right thing while anticipating a best outcome. If no one is willing to implement the Golden Rule principle our gaps of separation as a human race and in our individual relationships will just keep widening.

The idea I’m referring to as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a principle recognized throughout the histories of nations and even religions worldwide. This rule of conduct regarding the treatment of others reminds us to ethically give or do the right thing so that a “best” outcome is at least possible.

When we form habits of waiting for responses rather than choosing to act first (when possible) our relationships with others can become a continuing cycle of expectancy without any foreseeable resolutions. This cycle of, “If they...I will or won’t, when they...I will or won’t”, waiting to see also doesn’t close the gaps of relationship divisions.

The intentions behind this maxim (Golden Rule) throughout world histories and religions is that as "partners in life" we purposefully choose to treat others in a way that we would also want to be treated, we do things in a way that we would want others to do them, and we mutually want the best for everyone.

This ancient "ethic of reciprocity" also implies that we have a capability to make a decision to do the right thing because we also expect someone else to do the right thing. It is our willingness to take the first action in good faith that shows our best intentions toward others and beliefs about others.

In your quietest of moments what do you think about and remember? What could have been or what is possible now? What is in the past cannot be changed. What could be a part of the future is still to be determined by the decisions we make. Our mindset matters because we often act on what we think to be....right or wrong.

The example of how we live speaks even louder than our words. Relationships are changed through our personal examples and willingness to do the right thing first. We show others our heart through our words and actions not just through our expressed (written or spoken) opinions.

In many ways we have an opportunity to impact the destiny of bringing people and our personal relationships together through good will. We help heal relationships and bridge gaps in our friendships and communities by making a decision to live out the Golden Rule daily.

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