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Consistency Unifies

A sunrise and even a sunset signal a new beginning somewhere. Its the same with relationships each day brings an opportunity to develop, maintain or even reconcile our personal relationships.

New relationships can be exciting. Different relationships can also be good or bad depending on the amount of support and commitment of the people involved in the relationship.

Long-term relationships to things and people provide support and comforting feelings of familiarity. Reliability and consistency over time plays an even bigger role in our ability to maintain feeling good about something long term.

Change in and of itself can create feelings of excitement about something new. Change can also evoke feelings of apprehension and disconnection.

New and different, when referring to change, can cause feelings of stress as well as excited feelings of anticipation. Perceptions and ideas, about a need for new or different, create opinions and feelings of whether new or different truly is better or worse.

Relationships bring value to our lives. Relationships helps us feel connected. What we sometimes fail to recognize is how important the emotional support from a relationship really is. Isolation and separation from our relationships can cause us to feel disconnected.

Each one of us are the hand and the feet that help and serve one another. Relationships should not just be about one person serving and meeting the needs of one person. Relationships needs to be about seeing (recognizing) and meeting the needs of each other mutually.

Intentionality to make and keep relationships a priority is only as good as the follow through. We can know the good we ought to do but following through with our good intentions definitely communicates our commitment of the heart. An emotional commitment expresses love and shows that we care.

This will be different for each person and each relationship. What isn’t different is our need as humans to develop and maintain relationships, in order to feel connected, especially with people whom we say we care about and potentially even love.

Restoring self with a new heart continues as we love others better through both our words and actions. We have all needed grace (a new starting point in relationships) as no one person or relationship is perfect. We make mistakes and we move on because we care about each other and our relationships as friends, family, and even as a society.

As we consistently care more about others and show interest in each other’s lives, relationships further develop, are maintained, and even restored. Looking for and seeing the individual value of each other, working toward peace, and loving one another better makes us stronger individually and collectively.

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