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Standing Strong Strengthens

Our pathways in life are not always paved and perfect. Sometimes we have to walk on unpaved paths and through “Jungles” in life to get to a new place we could have never imagined.

Personal choices we make about our own willingness to share life with others affects our relationships. No one person is an island, our lives are intertwined. We should have expectations that people need help and that we should give help as we are able. I’m not saying we do things to get help what I am saying is relationships should be reciprocal in nature. We help others as we also know that someday we may need help ourselves.

There will also be times in life when we will have opportunities to do things for others because we value people and can make a personal impact. Life is not always fair and we do not all have the same opportunities and privileges, unfortunately. Standing strong with others who are facing difficulties strengthens relationships.

A willingness to look for the good, in others and in situations, while waiting for “best” times and or opportunities to talk and support shows compassion. We can know we are right and even actually be right but someone else may not be in a place to “hear” (listen or learn) the truth or face a reality. Supporting with compassion (waiting) is a way to just breathe (give space and time).

When we force what we know to be “right” on others, our reactions can further cause divisions. Realizing and acknowledging that we make mistakes or have been wrong can be difficult. Accepting a different way of thinking takes time.

Trying and accepting “new knowledge” as well as facing difficulties in life sometimes requires a wait and see attitude. In other words, not responding (immediately) negatively toward someone else who is struggling is a choice we can make to show we care and somewhat understand.

Letting people express hurt without judgement after a difficult time in life shows compassion. Giving people time to grow and change over time shows acceptance. When we react with actions and words that express love we further build relationship bridges.

There is also usually more than one way to do or accomplish something. Learning from others experiences can be helpful but we should be careful to not assume we are experts in everything or that someone with little experience knows all. Being open to various, different ideas and options is another way we work together and learn to mutually respect others opinions.

Our decision to stand and wait during difficulties expresses our commitment to value people and relationships over our need to prove we are right. Finding new middle grounds in life together continues to strengthen “us”, our relationships and our communities over time.

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