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Taking Charge of Your Life and Relationships

The twists, turns, and places we end up are impacted by the decisions we make and the relationships we develop.

Sometimes it can be hard to see how relationships affect us personally. Choosing carefully who and what influences us throughout life is as important as decisions we make for ourselves.

Self-responsibility is liberating. No one else is responsible for us collectively.

Expecting others to make our lives better for us is an unrealistic expectation. No one else lives our life. Our happiness, physical and emotional health, and even our personal growth are for the most part individual responsibilities.

It is also our responsibility to make the most of the opportunities we are given. Anticipating that we will need help sometimes also helps us realize that we need one another.

Self-sufficiency can be isolating. Balancing time for self and others is good.

Island living, living life for self only, can be lonely. Taking time for self is good when it is paired with sharing life (spending time) with others.

We can do more, go new places, and experience different things each opportunity can be challenging as well as rewarding. Sometimes it may be necessary to show vulnerability and to ask for help. As we learn and experience life it becomes easier to become self-sufficient.

Taking a “life inventory” yearly of assets, (relationships and possessions), failures, current needs, and future goals keeps us growing as a person. It is also good to keep in mind though that new isn’t always necessary, more isn’t always better, and comfortable (same) can be good enough. Complacency can mean we are settling for just ok, contentment can also be good.

Contentment is achievable as we learn better to appreciate and take care of what we have been blessed with.

Not realizing the value and importance of long term relationships is a mistake. The longevity of a relationship creates memories that remind us of times shared, endured, and conquered together.

We further develop a sense of belonging as we continue to live life together. A sense of belonging protects and sustains us.

Friends who care, a family that loves, and someone who values close personal relationships are blessings we should never take for granted. We can be a friend, family, and close friend who blesses others too.

If you need to evaluate and contemplate changes to your personal life and relationships Real Life Relationships has resources that may be helpful.

Visit our self-guided course books are affordable so that everyone can benefit. The concepts introduced in the self-guided courses have been used to help many people over many years. Loving Yourself is for individuals evaluating how to better balance life, communicate, and grow as a person in life and in relationships. Loving Others helps couples to prioritize communication, relationship expectations, love intentionally. Reconciling Through Love allows individuals to recall safely, realize life’s realities gently, and reconcile slowly to a “right place” over time. The book Love Forever is also available. Love is a feeling, an action, and a commitment. Community is built and relationships are sustained as we love one another better.

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