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Building Intimate Relationships

Seeing things from a distance give us a prospective that can be further analyzed and studied over time. This part of a mountain range is named Bear's Tooth based on what someone saw from a distance.

Relationships that we continue to develop are hopefully further established based on a prospective that allows us to understand the truth about the person and the relationship. Seeking true (intimate) friendships helps to build relationships that can last a lifetime.

Casual relationships happen and are a basic level of friendship. In today’s language these might be considered social relationships. These are people we may hang out with but do not necessarily feel bonded to.

Close friendships are built with effort and continue to develop over time. These are the people with whom we may share personal history and current events in life. Intentional investment (communication, time, shared interest, etc...) and commitment are required to maintain closeness.

Intimate relationships are ones that go beyond a level of close friendships. Intimate relationships are ones where we allow others to know and influence us on an even more personal level.

Intimate relationships allow others to know us on a level of transparency and vulnerability that can impact our well-being. These relationships are more valuable than our other relationships because the level of care and commitment goes far beyond the limit of normal.

Some might even classify intimate relationships as our in-sickness-and-health relationships. These type of relationships are not just between married couples but are also among truly committed family and friends.

Developing and keeping intimate relationships takes intentional effort. These relationships will never just happen.

Opening up to others on an intimate level also helps shut out loneliness. It’s not always easy to break down our protective emotional walls to risk relationships that impact us on an intimate level. The effort and risk to do so can bring the reward of a true and lasting relationships.

Intimate relationships are also the type of the relationships that can provide us with companionship and comfort in times of need. Someone who knows us and can care about us personally is a help in times of need.

A true (intimate) friend loves at all times and sometimes even sticks closer than family.

If we have any relationships that are true, reliable, caring, and intimate, they are one of the greatest assets in our lives.

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