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A True Friend Loves at all Times...

A reflection is a captured image of what something is. The way we treat others and expect to be treated reflects our understanding of what it means to have and be a true friend.

True friends know us, our weaknesses, and our strengths. These same friends work to build us up as well as show love toward us in ways that express they care.

When emotional needs are recognized and supported we feel connected and understood. In other words, we feel happy in relationships as our individual emotional needs are met.

True friends don’t always tell us what we want to hear or even agree with us just for the sake of our feelings.

Being transparent and opening up personally can leave us vulnerable. Sharing ourselves (who we are and what we believe) with others can build true friendships that can impact us personally for a lifetime.

True friends are those who can also comfort us, encourage us, while walking beside us during difficulties in life.

Criticism and praise go hand and hand, in a loving true relationship, when someone has our best interest at heart. True friends speak truth to us because they care

A true friend doesn’t expect others to make excuses for them (poor choices) or negative behaviors. True friends are also willing to recognize mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

When someone is always adding the phrase including the word “but” as a way to explain or excuse poor communication or negative behaviors, instead of simply taking responsibility, a friendship is hurt. Reconciliation takes place in true friendships as we own our behaviors and make up for our mistakes to the best of our ability.

A true friend plays a role in building us up, challenging our character weaknesses, and supporting us as we work toward being the best person we can be.

We can grow as individuals sometimes through self-recognition and other times because of someone else’s gentle coaching. We also can’t always be right and value others individual beliefs, and opinions. Giving others time and an opportunity to grow is another sign of a true friend.

An acquaintance enjoys our company in the moment, a casual friend shares interests with us. A true friend knows all about us, lives life with us, and protects our heart by loving us for a lifetime.

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